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Charlie stands out as one of the leading kitchen contemporary designers. Founder, of the iconic brand Smallbone of Devizes, he has worked on some of the highest quality kitchens for the highest profile clientele. The Rock and Bone partnership has enabled Charlie to take his inspiration for beautiful complexity and bring it to life. With no fear to experiment, he searches for the unknown and strives for design and perfection with an cceptance of nothing but the finest, most unusual, natural materials.


"Charlie's design vision, originating from 30 years in the kitchen and furniture industry, fused with the consummate workmanship of Damian's handpicked team of artisan craftsmen, has resulted in a brand which not only showcases quality but also truly original designs."

Design Society

"Renowned Kitchen Designer Charlie Smallbone is back at the top end of the kitchen market following the launch of a new luxurious furniture brand."

EKK Business

"In Britain, Charlie Smallbone, formerly of Smallbone is launching a completely bespoke boutique kitchen collection this month. Called Rock & Bone, it is handmade in York and does away with the idea of standard box unit in favour of unusual, undulating and curved free-standing pieces that are jewel-like with metallised finishes, 1950's inspired car colours and bespoke handles."

FT How To Spend It Magazine

"Rock & Bone is set to raise the bar for the furniture and kitchen industry..."