Super Luxury ‘Anti-Ageing’ Eco Scheme is a Winner

1 Zero 4 is a five bedroom multi functional home that exceeds the buzz word ”future-proof” and smashes the term “eco-friendly”
into oblivion.

LaROCK’s task was to create a luxury eco home. The unique triumph has been achieved using a huge amount of creativity, imagination and ingenuous application of advanced building techniques and seamless ‘anti-ageing’ technology.

The scheme is situated in Harrogate, a city known for its ambient beauty and vernacular architecture. The house started life as a three bedroomed single storey cottage, built in the 1960s and occupied by the same resident for 30 years. The plot area has remained exactly the same as the former cottage.

However, the property size has increased from 750 square feet to 5850 square feet through strategic layering of floors and
basement excavation. The structure has also been increased from one storey to four storeys.

The building infrastructure pushes beyond sustainable, combining high performance systems with renewable methods, including double air source heat pump technology and solar and rainwater harvesting. Complete home automation, AV and eco technology systems have been amalgamated into a single coherent system, all managed via a centralised AMX control system and iPad technology.

It’s completely measurable at the touch of a button, and even “answers” questions, from how much rainwater has been harvested, to how much solar energy has been generated. In effect, the house actually “thinks” for its owners, allowing

them to live an eco friendly life without even having to think about it.

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