Cutting Edge Sustainable Design

An award-winning home sets new standards for sustainable design amid the genteel surroundings of a Victorian spa town. International reference for design idfx finds out more…

Think of a British city at the cutting edge of sustainable design and, chances are, Harrogate won’t be at the top of your list.

But thanks to the determination of Damian Lawrance, his 1 Zero 4 residential project is now an exemplary combination of the best in contemporary design and architecture, further enhanced by a suite of environmentally friendly features. 1 Zero 4 received a Pro-Yorkshire RICS award in May, just as the house was completed.

It took a whole year to get the design through the Harrogate planning department (compared with the usual 16 weeks) but once that hurdle was cleared, Lawrance and his team completed the project in 18 months.

‘Eyebrows were raised when the local community found out what we had in mind,’Lawrance confesses. ‘And despite some initial objections, the council made a courageous decision.’

Lawrance’s company, LaRock Construction, was the lead contractor and responsible for both design and build. Before he launched his own company, Lawrance had worked for more than a decade as a designer and developer of residential projects. A wide range of local Yorkshire contractors worked alongside the LaRock team to realise the project’s detailed specifi cation, both in terms of technology and the architectural and interior detailing.

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