With LaRock every recycling possibility is closely examined. Examples of active recycling include the donation of sawdust, a natural by-product of our workshop operations, to a local farmer for use as animal bedding, as well as fertilizer.

All our stationery is produced from recycled materials, and a shredding operation ensures that all waste paper generated by us is dispatched for recycling. Used printer cartridges are also passed on to key charities who are able to convert them into funds to aid their own worthy environmental programmes.

In recognition of the need to reduce our Carbon Footprint, we and our associates have a commitment to reduce emissions to the absolute minimum throughout every phase of their operation. In line with this policy, timber is only purchased from sustainable sources. Any waste timber is isolated into timber only skips, and all recycling possibilities are examined. We also insist on only using environmentally responsible waste carriers for the disposable of any non-recyclable by-products.

Currently we are investigating the use of a biomass boiler that is fuelled by timber off-cuts or renewable fuel, as well as considering the use of LPG-driven vehicles.

All new suppliers and products are thoroughly vetted to ensure compliance with established environmental policies.